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Aliyun configuration

📝 Options instruction

  • Region: The region of your aliyun,can be viewed in the aliyun console panel.Example
  • Bucket: The bucket name of your aliyun,can be viewed in the aliyun console panel. Example
  • Access Key: The Access Key of aliyun. Example
  • Secret Key: The Secret Key of aliyun. Example
  • Domain: You can custom your domain or use the default domain for test provided by aliyun, can be found in aliyun’s control panel.Domain must start with http:// or https://.Example
  • Save Key: The path to file storage (including folders). Supports {year} {month} {day} {hour} {minute} {second} {since_second} {since_millisecond} {random} {filename} {.suffix} and etc. For example, the uploaded file is uPic.jpg, set to \"uPic/{filename}{.suffix}\", it will be saved as: uPic/uPic.jpg.
  • The after Save Key input is Suffix: For custom image processing. There can be configured image processing rules in aliyun. For example, if the rule name is w to identify the watermark version and the separator is !, you can fill in the URL suffix !w. After each uploaded image generation connection will be appended with -w, that is, to access the watermark version.

🧰 Region/bucket/domain

View it by entering Cloud storage console panel

Pay attention here!! Your bucket permission must be set Public Read, otherwise the picture couldn't be access via uel. Configure it carefully by enter this link.
Aliyun console

🔑 The Secret(AccessKey ID、Access Key Secret)

View it by entering personal info User information management console panel

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