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Github configuration

📝 Configuration item

  • Owner: Github username.
    Example:My Github main page https://github.com/gee1k,my username isgee1k
  • Repo: The name of repo which you want to upload files.
    Example:my Repo’s URL=https://github.com/gee1k/oss,and oss is the name of Reop.
  • Branch: master is the name of Branch by default,if you want to upload to others,please establish first.
  • Token: Github personal access tokens.
  • Domain: You can’t set domian name by default and will use your Github default URL.When you make the Rpeo’s function of pages available and set up custom domain,you can use your own domain now.
    • Use the default CDN to speed access: When checked, jsdelivr CDN is automatically used for accelerated access
  • Save Key: The path to file storage (including folders). Supports {year} {month} {day} {hour} {minute} {second} {since_second} {since_millisecond} {random} {filename} {.suffix} and etc. For example, the uploaded file is uPic.jpg, set to \"uPic/{filename}{.suffix}\", it will be saved as: uPic/uPic.jpg.

🔑 Token - How can I get it

  • 1.Access Github Token set page
  • 2.Select repo access permission,then scroll to the bottom of the page,hit Generate token button to make token.
    创建 Token
  • 3.Copy the Token to uPic

Attention:This Token shows one time only!Keep it carefully,otherwise you need reset one~
Copy Token

🌝 Almost there!

Save and choose the image hosting you configurate before on menu bar——image hosting bar,try to upload a image~
After successful upload,file/image will shows in your Github Repo

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