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Qiniu's config interface

📝 Options instruction

  • Region: Where your storage space located, you can find it in Qiniu’s control panel. Example
  • Bucket: The bucket name of your storage space, can be found in Qiniu’s control panel. Example
  • Access Key: Access key provided by Qiniu. Example
  • Secret Key: Secret key provided by Qiniu. Example
  • Domain: You can custom your domain or use the default domain for testing provided by Qiniu which can be found in Qiniu’s control panel.Domain must start with http:// or https://. Example
  • More: By clicking setting button after Domain, you can custom url/folder/patterns to access picture.
    • Suffix: This will be used for custom picture processor. You can configure custom picture style via Qiniu. Eg. Rule named w divided by ! can apply watermark, so fill this field with !w. Then each generated url will have a suffix -w, which would carry a watermark.

🧰 Region/bucket/domain

Open OSS control panel
Qiniu's control panel

🔑 Secret(Access Key、Secret Key)

View it by entering personal info Secret


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