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Weibo's config interface

📝 Options instruction

  • Cookie Mode: Select to enable Cookie Mode, otherwise Username/Password Mode will be enabled.
  • Username: Weibo account.
  • Password: Weibo password.
    • When Cookie Mode wasn't enabled, uPic will use username and password to achieve cookie to upload your picture.
  • Cookie: Cookie configured manually.
    • When Cookie Mode was enabled, uPic will use this cookie to upload your picture.
  • Quality: Weibo can provide three picture quality to select: Origin(large)Middle(mw690)Thumbnail(thumbnail).
    • The picture's quality in Weibo server won't be effected, it just provide three urls to access different quality of picture.

This will be needed only when Cookie Mode was enabled.

Achieve Cookie

  • 1.Login Weibo in your browser(Chrome recommended), open minipublish page. It could be very simple to catch a request to achieve cookie in this page due to less content.
  • 2.Open developer tool by press command + option + i, switch to Network tab.
  • 3.Refresh page and developer tool will catch requests, select minipublish request, it can be the first one usually.
  • 4.Then pay attention to Headers section right, find out the content as above picture’s red box selected.
  • 5.Copy the content and paste it into uPic’s Cookie field.

⚖️ Two methods’ difference

  • Username/Password Mode: Can achieve cookie automatically by call Weibo’s api and do upload. But because of its extra request, it can be a bit slow.
  • Cookie Mode: More faster. But it can be a bit difficult for rookie.

Either method is ok, you can choose the one you favorite.

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