Terse image hosting client uPic for Mac

Terse image hosting client uPic for Mac

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☁️ Terse image hosting client for Mac

📑 Introduction

uPic(upload Picture) is a image(file) hosting client for Mac.
You can upload images、files to specified provider’s OSD service which was configured.
Before uploading, you can get an url immediately which can be accessed on internet.

💡 Tips: They can automatic uploading local file and screenshot,meanwhile the menu bar shows the uploading progress constantly.File’s link will automatically copied to the clipboard when finish upload,make you insert pictures quickly when you are blogging or chatting.Link’s format can be a normal URL,HTML or Markdown,it’s totally up to you.

🔋 Support image hosting:smmsUPYUN USSqiniu KODOAliyun OSSTencentCloud COSWeiboGithubGiteeAmazon S3custom upload api、…

🚀 How to install


brew install bigwig-club/brew/upic --cask

2.Download from github

click release to download.
If accessing Github is difficult to download, you can download it from Gitee release.

Check Finder Extensions’s authority

  • 1.Run uPic

  • 2.Opensystem preference - extensions - Finder Extensions make sure that uPicFinderExtension is be selected

🕹 How to use it

Upload method Description Preview
🖥 Select files Select the file to upload from Finder. Can set global shortcuts
⌨️ Copy file upload Upload a file that has been copied to the clipboard. Can set global shortcuts
📸 Screenshot upload Directly pull frame screenshot upload. Can set global shortcuts
🖱 Drag and drop local file upload Drag and drop files to the status bar to upload
🖱 Drag and drop browser image upload Drag image from browser to status bar to upload
📂 Finder contextmenu upload Right click on file upload
⌨️ Command line upload Invoke uPic to upload files by executing commands

🧰 More Functions

1. Global shortcut key

2. Upload history

📝 Tutorials

💌 Contact information


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